Friday, September 9, 2011

New Product!!!!! Banners (Bunting)

Hello again bloggers!

I would like to introduce our brand new product - Banners!!!
They come in two sizes;
*  13 inches of scallops or triangles, only $2.50 each - perfect for your layouts, or
*  7 inches - also in scallops or triangles, only $1.50 each - great for cards and Off the Page projects.
Currently we have stock of white and bone in all sizes, but if you'd like a coloured banner - just ask!

I have used the 7 inch banner in bone on the following project - along with a double bubble - and cut 3 of the scallops off to use further below - great thing is, it didn't unravel before I had a chance to hot glue gun it in place!!

You can just see a bone 5 petal flower on the bottom right as well, looks great tucked in there!

And the outside - just so you get the complete picture!  :-)
There is another 5 petal flower on the side where the winder is - AND it plays Happy Birthday!

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