Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wagon Wheels!

New products - Wagon Wheels!!
Example of a small bone wagon wheel being used here.

They are available in Bone or White, as a set - 2 small and 2 large in the one set (2pair). 

$3.95 set 
Lrg Wagon wheel approx 7-8 cm accross
Small Wagon Wheel approx 5 cm accross

Also available in Bone or White, as a small set - 3 small in the one set (sm set). 
$2.95 set 
Approx 5 cm accross

Also available in Primary (variegated red, blue, yellow), as a small set - 3 small in the one set (sm set). 
$2.95 set 
Approx 5 cm accross

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sample Work

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for the comments you've left both here and on Jennifer's Facebook links :-)

Jennifer has used some Crochet by Kim in her most recent projects for her Alison Ellis Design DT - with their Gorgeous new papers (A Formal Affair) - have you seen them?

Jen has used Vitage Photo Distress Ink to 'age' this small Wagon Wheel - I will add them to the product list shortly.

Jen used a Green Tara Rose in the center of this White Double Bubble - I love the way this works!!

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see some images of how you have used Crochet by Kim soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fancy a Pansy???

New products - Pansies!!

These gorgeous flowers are so cute!  They are approximately 5 cm across the shortest part and 6 cm across their longest (due to the two longer petals) part.  

They are available in Bone, White, Red variegated, Blue variegated, and Yellow variegated.

$1.99 each
or in packs of 3 - 
Bone - 3 for $3.95
White - 3 for $3.95
Primary - 3 for $4.50.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Give-Away to say thanks for Stopping by!

Hello Everyone!

As a little thank you to you for stopping by I'm having a lucky draw.  For those of you who click follow and leave a comment here on the blog until the end of March - I will be drawing one lucky winner to receive a pack of double bubbles and single bubbles absolutely free.  It's just my little way of saying thank you for your support!

In the coming week I will be adding more product and posting images of examples using Crochet by Kim.
If you already have some Crochet by Kim - I'd love to see how you've used it - please comment here with a link or email it to me so I can link to your blog!

Once again - thank you!

New Stock - Single Bubbles

Bone Single Bubbles - 6 pack for $3.95

White Single Bubbles - 6 pack for $3.95

Coloured Single Bubbles available on request - 6 pack for $4.50

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome & Double Bubbles!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Crochet by Kim blog!!

So very exciting to see it all take form, thank you for joining us and loving Crochet by Kim products!

Some pictures of the initial products - hope you like them!

Bone Double Bubbles - 3 pack for $4.50

White Double Bubbles - 3 Pack for $4.50

Primary Double Bubbles - 3 pack for $4.95

I welcome any feedback you have so please - email me or leave a comment ;-)